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Siberian Larch 20 x 144mm T.G.V. Cladding ST1.L
£9.30 metre

Please find below our description of this specie in an attempt to give as much detail of this timber to help both the trade person and ley person make an informed choice. We believe our stocks are among the best available in the UK.

Prices are + VAT

We recommend customers order +10% over and above requirements to allow for waste on your project. We cannot supply every length defect free.

Sourced from well managed forests in Northern Europe our stocks are FSC certified. Please note if you are required to supply FSC certified materials to a third party such as local authority then all parties in the chain must be FSC certified.

Our stocks are ‘Unsorted Grade Siberian Larch’ also known as ‘U/S’ grade. This is the highest grade available also referred to as ‘A’ grade. ‘U/S’ grade covers boards graded as I-III with the alterative lower Sawfalling grade being grade I-IV i.e. including fourth grade. In layman’s terms the grade we stock ‘U/S’ is minimal knots and where knots are present they are generally smaller whereas Sawfalling has larger and more frequent knots. As with many species of timber the full grading rules are complex and are dependant on the cross sectional size and length of the board. Size of knots is allowable up to 38mm across the face but where more knots are present the size is limited to maximum 25mm. Knots will generally be sound with only very occasional knots with holes.


Siberian Larch is imported into the UK in limited length options these generally being 3.0metre (9.84ft), 4.0metre (13.12ft) & 5.1metre (16.73ft). The lengths we currently have in stock will be listed for you to select and order online.

Moisture Content
Supplied Kiln Dried generally less than 25%, the average moisture content is 15-20% we recommend drying the timber before installation, if you are using the Siberian Larch internally then it will need to be acclimatised for a few weeks inside before installation. To dry effectively boards will need to separated and stacked with cross stickers evenly spaced the boards will need warmth and air circulation to dry effectively.

Siberian Larch is sourced from the Northern Europe and is Native to Western Russia. This specie is classed as a Softwood but has very good durability owing to its slow grown origins. It also has good strength against impact damage due to the compact nature of the grain. Siberian Larch is more prone to movement and twisting in comparison to Western Red Cedar so care must be taken to install correctly see below*

Ranges from yellow brown, light brown and reddish brown. Described as being straw like in colour. Similar to typical pine used for everyday internal timber projects such as skirting and architrave.

Due to the slow grown nature Siberian Larch is very dense and heavy for a Softwood with a dry weight of 590 kg per cubic metre but this will be higher when the timber is wet.

*We strongly recommend that all Siberian Larch be pre-drilled and screwed through the face with two fixings across the face for all boards wider than 45mm. High grade Stainless steel screws should be used we recommend Spax façade screws in minimum 45mm length

Size Price

20 x 144mm T.G.V. Cladding ST1.L
(135mm cover face)

£7.75 metre + vat
(£57.41/m2 + vat)

Siberian Larch 20 x 144mm T.G.V. Cladding ST1.L
£7.75 metre (exc VAT) £57.41 sq metre (exc VAT)

Board Length *

£7.75 metre £9.30 (inc VAT)
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