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Osmo Post Fix
£11.99 each

Osmo Post Fix

super strong alternative to concrete

does not rot timber like concrete can especially suited to Cedar

  • Dig hole with Auger or hole diger
  • Hole to be 24" deep for a regular 6ft post
  • Ensure hole remains dry
  • Position post in middle of hole and level then use temparory stakes to hold in position
  • Mix Osmo post fix parts A and B into larger of the two bottles
  • Screw on lid and shake for 20 seconds
  • Remove lid and pour liquid all around post
  • Sets solid in 3 minutes
  • Once fully cured trim of excess from top and finish with soil if needed.
Size Price
Osmo Post Fix (two part) mix for one post £9.99 each + vat

Osmo Post Fix
£9.99  each (exc VAT)

This product is temporarily out of stock 
It is due back in stock very soon. For more information
call 01277 890 783.

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